Mrs. Christie Fleming, Director of Finance, oversees the budget process for Dinwiddie County Public Schools. The budget includes revenues, expenditures, debt, and assets. Below you will find information and data related to our budget for the current and past school years.  Additional information can be found on BoardDocs.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Mrs. Christie Fleming at (804) 469-4190 or by email at

FY 2024 Budget

FY 2024 Budget

FY2023 Budget

FY 2023 Budget 

DCPS Budget Highlights One Pager(PDF)
FY23 BUDGET Public Hearing 3-22-22 (PDF)
FY23 BUDGET 02/22/2022 Board Presentation (PDF)
FY 2023 Budget Update Board Meeting 8FEB2022  (PDF)
FY23 Budget Update Highlights of 22 24 Biennial Budget 11JAN 2022 (PDF)
DCPS ARPA ESSERIII Spending Plan Revision 12.31.2022 (PDF)

FY2022 Budget

FY 2022 Budget (PDF)
FY2022 BUDGET Presentation 09MAR21 (PDF)

FY2021 Budget

FY 2021 School Board Budget (PDF)

FY2020 Budget

FY 2020 School Board Budget (PDF)

FY2019 Budget Development

FY 2019 School Board Budget (PDF)

Finance Snapshot (PDF)(Overview presented at 3/27/2018 School Board Public Hearing)

FY2018 Budget Development

FY2018 Budget Calendar (PDF)

RRMM Presentation Capital Improvements (PDF)

FY2018 Proposed Budget (PDF)

FY2018 Budget Presentation Public Hearing (PDF)

FY2018 Proposed Revenue Budget-23MAR17 (PDF)

FY2018 Budget Document (PDF)

FY2017 Budget Development

FY2017 School Division Budget (PDF)

FY2017 Budget Goals