The policy that is in place will remain in effect with changes as approved.

The procedure for facilities use approval is as follows:


  • The requesting organization will submit a Facility Use Registration Form and a valid Certificate of Insurance to the Principal or designee in charge of the appropriate facility 30 days prior to the requested use date.
  • After approval is given by the Principal or designee, the information will be forwarded to the Chief Operation Officer at the School Board Office. A denial or approval letter will be mailed to the requesting organization. If approved, a fee schedule will be provided.
  • All fees for building use must be paid to Dinwiddie County Public Schools and forwarded to the Chief Operations Officer at the School Board Office (14016 Boydton Plank Road, Dinwiddie, VA 2384) five (5) days prior to the event.
  • All fees relevant to the use of DCPS Facilities will be included in the usage fees provided.

Regulations for Community Use of School Facilities


Dinwiddie County Public Schools encourages community use of facilities for educational, civic, recreational, and cultural activities.

Regulations governing the use of school facilities have been developed in order to protect the public’s property and to promote the safety of citizens enjoying the use of such facilities. Charges and fees for the use of these facilities are designed not to limit or prohibit use, but to ensure that the expenditures of public money appropriated for classroom instruction are indeed spent for that purpose. Fees collected are to offset any additional costs incurred because of use of the facility.

Use of buildings and grounds after school hours shall be managed by the principal of the school or designee according to policies and regulations of the board. The board may cancel permission to use school buildings and grounds when such action is necessary for the best interest of the school division.

As required by federal laws and regulations, Dinwiddie County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, handicapping conditions or national origin.

1. General Information

The Principal of the school has administrative authority to schedule the use of school facilities.

Non-school use of school facilities must be in compliance with the following stipulations:

1. School use takes precedence over all other uses.
2. County government use shall take precedence over all other non-school use (i.e. Parks & Recreation).
3. An assigned DCPS employee will be “on site” for the duration of any usage of a DCPS facility by any agency other than DCPS or the Dinwiddie County Government.
4. Provided the organization is registered in Dinwiddie County, approved non-school use categories are:

  • Dinwiddie Youth League
  • American Legion-Baseball
  • Civic Groups
  • Dixie Youth League
  • Babe Ruth Baseball, Inc.
  • Religious Organizations

2. Allowed Activities

Unless specifically approved by the Dinwiddie County School Board, only those activities open to the public will be allowed in the school facilities or on the school campus.

3. Application

The applicant shall be an officer of the organization which must be headquartered in Dinwiddie County. 

Reservations for use of facilities are confirmed only after a Facilities Use Registration Form and an appropriate insurance certificate have been reviewed and approved by the building Principal and the Chief Operations Officer. 

Applications must be submitted to the principal 30 days prior to the date(s) for which use is requested. 

The Principal reserves the right to approve or disapprove, at any time, any application for use of facilities within School Board guidelines. Advance payment of fees will be refunded if disapproval of an application is necessary. 

4. Admission Charges/Fees

Only the organization approved to use the school facilities may charge any admission or fees for admission to the event.

5. Charges

Rental rates are intended to reimburse the School Board for incremental expenses which would not be incurred if the school were not in use. When a facility rental is charged, the following will apply:

  • Not-for-profit organizations which charge admission or fee will be charged at the prevailing rental rate.

Current rental rates are as follows:

Service Dinwiddie High School Dinwiddie Middle School Historic Southside High
School Education Center
Elementary Schools
Auditorium $205.00 $175.00 N/A N/A
Cafeteria $205.00 $175.00 N/A $175.00
Gym $205.00 $205.00 $175.00 $175.00
Auxiliary Gym $175.00 N/A N/A N/A
Tables(50) & Chairs(100) N/A N/A $65.00 N/A
Rooms $65.00 $55.00 N/A $55.00

All prices are per hour. Prices includes custodial service, light tech, and sound tech. Price includes custodial services only.

6. Rental Payment

Payment in full is due prior to the event. Checks should be made payable to Dinwiddie County Public Schools.

7. Priority of Applicant Authorization by Category

  1. School Groups – Groups of students and faculty/staff recognized at that school only (i.e., Band, Athletic Teams, Choral, School Clubs, etc.)
  2. School-related Groups – Groups whose primary membership is parents of students at that school, students, and faculty/staff (i.e., Band Boosters, Sports Club, Choral Boosters, PTA, School Council, etc.)
  3. County Governmental Agencies of the participating localities – (i.e., Public Meetings, Parks & Recreation sponsored activities, etc.)
  4. Traditional Users – Dinwiddie Youth League, Dixie Youth League, American Legion-Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, Inc. (For-profit groups are excluded unless proceeds benefit the school.)
  5. Civic Groups – Scouts, Lions, Jaycees, Junior Women’s Club, Public Colleges of Major Education, etc.
  6. Religious Organizations.
  7. Other Not-for-Profit Groups.
  8. Dinwiddie Based For Profit Groups.

8. Liability

The group to whom the facility is rented shall:

  1. Have adequate third-party liability coverage, which must be a minimum of one million dollars.
  2. Be held responsible for the proper conduct of persons in attendance. The responsible on-site party designated on the facility use permit shall be responsible for b, c, and d.
  3. Be held responsible for the proper care of the facility. Any damages incurred to the facility will be charged accordingly to the organization renting the facility.
  4. Leave the buildings/grounds free of trash, debris, etc., and in similar conditions to those which existed prior to authorized use. Failure to comply with this provision may be cause for revocation of approval for future dates or denial of requests for future use; and
  5. Indemnify and save harmless the Dinwiddie County School Board individually and collectively and any officer, agent or employee of said Board against any legal claim of any nature whatsoever which might be made against such board, board member, officer, agent, or employee arising out of, or claimed to have arisen out of, the use of the premises herein mentioned, including reasonable legal expenses which might be incurred by such board, board member, officer, agent or employee in defending any such claims whether such claim be frivolous or otherwise.

9. Occupancy Limitations

Occupancy is limited to the number of persons, seat for seat, which the facility is designed to accommodate and shall be in compliance with the number of occupants as established by the Office of Public Safety.

10. Restrictions

Tobacco, alcoholic beverages and/or drugs are not to be brought, consumed or used on school property. Possession or use of weapons is also prohibited. Violators will be reported to the proper authorities.

11. Food and Refreshments

Food and refreshments may be sold, served, and consumed only in the dining area of the facility, the concession stand area, or rented grounds area of the school campus. Refreshments must be confined to the above-specified areas. No refreshments are allowed in auditoriums, classrooms, carpeted areas, or gymnasiums.

12. Smoking

All Smoking is prohibited.

13. Custodial Services

  1. Custodial services are limited to opening and closing buildings, doors, and windows; turning lights on and off; contacting Maintenance to adjust heating/AC; emergency clean-up during the event; normal cleaning after the event; maintenance of restrooms during/after the event; and ensuring the school is in the proper condition to open the next school day. Excessive trash around the building will necessitate an additional charge. Custodial services do not include transporting equipment and/or supplies; arrangement of any special furniture or equipment; or supervision of activities or crowds.

14. Staging/Decorations

Staging or decorations must be done so as not to deface or damage any property and must be approved by the Principal. All decorations, etc., must meet all building and fire prevention codes of Dinwiddie County.

15. Grounds

Organizations authorized to use any area of the school campus will be required to keep the area cleared of trash, litter and debris.

16. Gymnasium

Appropriate shoes are to be worn by persons using the gymnasium floor.

17. Limitations

  1. No facility may be used past midnight.
  2. Only school sponsored groups may use school facilities for a dance.

18. Studios (dance, music, etc.) located and licensed in Dinwiddie County whose clientele consists primarily of County residents.

Recitals must provide a cultural event and be open to the public. Admission charges may be imposed only to cover rental costs and expenses. When the proceeds exceed that amount, they go to a sponsoring not-for-profit agency, organization, or to the school. Studios may not derive profit from the recital.

19. The following procedures shall be followed when any religious organization is applying for rental of a school building for religious services on a continuing basis:

  1. A new application must be submitted annually. The initial application may be submitted anytime, and all renewal applications must be submitted by July 1.
  2. A review of the rental agreement will be conducted by school and religious organization personnel annually at the time of re-application. That review will address areas of concern and review the status of the religious organization’s construction plans/progress. Generally permission to use any school facility for regular religious services will be limited to 2 years.
  3. The usual collection may be taken by religious organizations, but no admission charge or sale of literature will be permitted.

20. Failure of any party to adhere to the rules and regulations of this policy may result in termination of the current rental agreement and future use.

21. Changes and exceptions to these regulations must be approved by the Superintendent or his or her designee.

Please read and understand all of the above policy and regulations for Facilities Use before downloading and submitting the application forms below.