Welcome to the Human Resources Department of Dinwiddie County Public Schools!  Whether you are considering employment or just stopping by, we invite you to consider our school division as a place of employment.  Our school’s motto “Deep Roots, Great Heights” embodies the strong dedication and loyalty of our workforce and the community we serve.  Our department strives to be a catalyst in sustaining a highly-engaged and diverse staff, eager to grow and reach great heights together. 

Here are some great highlights of what we have to offer:

  • Highly-engaged, competent and responsive leadership
  • Competitive salaries
  • Convenient access to many local civic and cultural activities
    and a short distance to 
    several metropolitan areas
  • Innovative professional development and mentorship
  • Worthwhile resources to sustain employee health and well-being

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Primary Contacts

Emily Branch headshot
Emily Branch
Chief Human Resources Officer
Charles (Chris) Wells headshot
Charles (Chris) Wells
Benefits Coordinator
Kathy McCoun headshot
Kathy McCoun
HR Specialist
Jessica Eppes headshot
Jessica Eppes
Finance & Human Resources Coordinator