In the Dinwiddie County Public Schools (DCPS) system, the substitute teacher is an integral part of the regular teaching staff. The responsibility of a substitute teacher is to provide continuity to the educational program during the absence of the regular classroom teacher. It is a challenge to be a substitute teacher, to face each day as if it were the first day, to work in up to seven different schools, and to deal with different schedules, personnel, and students. The successful substitute teacher must sincerely like children and be patient, creative, and determined.

Completion of our requirements does not guarantee being approved as a substitute.  Those of competent and good moral character, holding a teaching license or with experience in teaching will be given preference.

Substitute Teacher Training and Guidelines

Dinwiddie County Public Schools Human Resources Department has partnered with App-Garden to provide online substitute training to allow individuals the freedom and flexibility to train at their own schedule. To register and pay for the course you must be at least 18 years of age with no criminal background. Click below to register and pay for the DCPS Substitute Training Course.

AppGarden University

Key Information

  • The fee is $39.00 for the initial substitute course.  The  course is available for 28 days after purchase.
  • The course consists of two parts: orientation training (with four quizzes) and Effective Substitute Training (with three quizzes)
  • The fee is $19.00 for the required “refresher” substitute course.
  • You do not have to complete the training in one sitting.  You have the flexibility to work on as much as you want, save and log off, and come back at a later time to work some more.  The total time of training is approximately 10 hours.
  • Once you pass with a 70% or higher score, print your certificate of successful completion.
  • Submit an Online Application for the Substitute Teacher position.
  • Have an up-to-date tuberculosis (TB) test completed with results from your doctor or Health Department.  Our Physician’s Certificate Form may be used if your health care provider does not have an existing form.
  • Read the Substitute Handbook and sign the receipt.

Once all the above is complete, call Kathy McCoun at 804-469-4190 to schedule an appointment and to complete additional required paperwork.  Ensure that the following information is completed prior to your appointment.

  • Online application submitted
  • Certificate of Successful Completion of the substitute training course
  • On-boarding Substitute Packet
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card or other valid forms of identity to work in the United States
  • TB test results from doctor or Health Department
  • Voided check (for payroll purposes)

Dinwiddie County Public Schools will then pay for a background check to be performed and you will be contacted when you are able to start substituting.

Non-Teaching Substitute Roles

Substitute qualifications for positions other than a substitute teacher or paraprofessional require all of the above steps, except the AppGarden training.

Substitute rate information is as follows:

Substitute Rates
Position Rate
Teacher (with high school diploma) $90.00/day
Teacher (with 2 years college) $90.00/day
Teacher (with 4 year degree) $95.00/day
Long-Term Teacher (with a 4 year degree) $150.00/day
Long-Term Teacher (without a 4 year degree) $142.00/day
(Long term rates do not apply for paraprofessionals)
$90.00/day (with high school diploma)
$95.00/day (with 4 year degree)
Clerical 8 Hour Position $96.00 per day
Nurse (LPN or RN) – Daily & Long-Term $150.00/day
Custodian $12.00 per hour
Bus Driver $13.00 per hour
Bus Aide $12.00 per hour
Cafeteria Worker $12.00 per hour