Anyone who wants to request to conduct a research study or distribute surveys in Dinwiddie County Public Schools must complete an application. Below is an application form to be completed and returned to the referenced address on the application. Your application will be reviewed by the Research Review Committee. Personnel in our school division have been asked to await approval from the Office of Assessment and Student Services before responding to research or survey requests. Each proposal will be evaluated by the committee on the basis of three criteria:

  1. Will the research be useful to Dinwiddie County Schools?
  2. How much instructional time will be affected?
  3. How intrusive will the research be to students and staff

Approved research requests will include the following provisions:

  • Participation of any school will depend upon the signed consent of the principal.
  • Participation by any Dinwiddie County staff member may depend upon the individual staff member’s signed consent.
  • Participation by any students may depend upon the signed consent of their parents/legal guardians and signed assent of students over 13 years of age, as determined by the review committee.
  • No data collection or methods other than those specifically described in the approved proposal may be advanced by the researcher(s).

Once received, your application with your submitted proposal will be thoroughly reviewed by the committee and may take up to six weeks to process (depending on the need to clarify information or ask follow up questions). Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive written notification indicating whether or not the proposal has been approved.

For any questions, please contact Mrs. Toni Wynn, Director of Planning & Accountability, by using our Contact Us form.

Application To Conduct Research Or Distribute Surveys REV 1172020