General Information

Students have the opportunity to earn industry certifications that are recognized by businesses and industries at the local, state, and national level.  These certifications distinguish students as having mastered critical knowledge and skills in their fields of study.   The certifications offered can be found on our Secondary Course Guide page within the description of each CTE course.

Dinwiddie County Public Schools also partners with John Tyler Community College (JTCC).  Students who are interested are able to apply to study concurrently and earn college credit through JTCC.  Our students also have the opportunity to attend Rowanty Technical Center which offers various CTE courses with certifications and licensure availability for certain fields. 

Students enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) Courses have the opportunity to earn credits for participating in Work-Based Learning Programs (WBL). Student must apply and be selected upon successful completion of an interview.  View our Work Based Learning Guide (in PDF format) for more information on WBL opportunities.

Major Clarity Power User 2020-2022Congratulations to the Dinwiddie HS & MS students and staff for earning MajorClarity Power User distinction for the 2021-2022 school year. This is the third year in a row earning this special recognition!  MajorClarity is a career and college readiness platform used to provide career exploration, college searches, financial aid opportunities, microcredentials and academic planning that allows students to select classes that align with their career goals. All CTE Courses have an associated student organization. These organizations provide the student with opportunities to compete and expand their leadership skills. We encourage all CTE students to participate in these student organizations as a means to showcase their knowledge and skills at conferences and competitions.

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) publishes an annual report containing postsecondary education and employment data.  In addition, SCHEV provide a wide range of Research and Statistics.  Visit their Post Completion Wages page, their Data for Localities page, and other informative reports to help guide your child through their educational decisions for the future. 

Courses Required for Graduation

Career Investigations  (this is normal paragraph with hyperlink)

Economics and Personal Finance

Agricultural Education (VDOE link) (and Curriculum Link – CTE Resource Center)

Introduction to Agriscience – Grade 6

Agriscience Exploration – Grade 7

Agriscience & Technology – Grade 8

Applied Agricultural Concepts (Senior Capstone Course)

Introduction to Plant Sciences

Introduction to Animal Systems

Introduction to Power, Structural, and Technical Systems

Small Animal Care I

Veterinary Science I

Horticulture Science

Agricultural Power Systems

Livestock Production Management (includes Equine Management)

Business & Information Technology (and Curriculum Link – CTE Resource Center)

Keyboarding – Grade 6

Make It Your Business – Grades 6-8

Computer Solutions – Grade 7-8 (includes computer science)

Digital Applications– Grade 8-12 (HS Credit)

Business Law


Computer Information Systems


Office Administration

Health Informatics

Information Technology (IT) Fundamentals


Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Career Connections (and Curriculum Link – CTE Resource Center)

Career Strategies

Education for Employment I

Education for Employment II

Family & Consumer Sciences (and Curriculum Link – CTE Resource Center)

Introduction to Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts 1

Culinary Arts 2

Intro to VA Teachers for Tomorrow

Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow I

Early Childhood Education I (JTCC)

Health & Medical Sciences (Rowanty) (and Curriculum Link – CTE Resource Center)

Medical Laboratory Technology I

Medical Laboratory Technology II

Intro to Health and Medical Science

Nurse Aide I (Rowanty)

Nurse Aide II (Rowanty)

Marketing (and Curriculum Link – CTE Resource Center)

Introduction to Marketing

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Fashion Marketing

Fashion Marketing Advanced

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Real Estate

Marketing Management

Marketing School Store Manager (Application required)

Military Science (Curriculum Link – CTE Resource Center)





Technology Education (and Curriculum Link – CTE Resource Center)

Architectural Drawing and Design (alternates year with Engineering Drawing and Design)

Engineering Drawing and Design (alternates yearly with Architectural Drawing and Design)

Technical Drawing and Design

Sustainability and Renewable Technologies

Energy and Power

Trade & Industrial Education (and Curriculum Link – CTE Resource Center)

Building Trades I

Building Trades II

Auto Body Technology 1 (Rowanty)

Auto Body Technology 2 (Rowanty)

Auto Body Technology 3 (Rowanty)

Automotive Technology I – Mechanic 1 (certified) (Rowanty)

Automotive Technology II – Mechanic 2 (certified) (Rowanty)

Carpentry 1 (Rowanty)

Carpentry 2 (Rowanty)

Carpentry 3 (Rowanty)

Cosmetology I (Two-year Program) (Rowanty)

Cosmetology II (Two-year Program) (Rowanty)

Electricity I* (JTCC and Rowanty – non-DE)

Electricity II* (JTCC and Rowanty – non-DE)

Criminal Justice I* (Rowanty)

Criminal Justice II* (Rowanty)

Masonry I (Rowanty)

Masonry II  (Rowanty)

Welding 1* (JTCC and Rowanty- non-DE)

Welding 2* (JTCC and Rowanty – non-DE)

Welding 3* (JTCC and Rowanty)

Precision Machining I* (JTCC)

Precision Machining II* (JTCC)



Industrial Electricity * (JTCC)

Mechanical Maintenance/Industrial Mechanical Maintenance I* (JTCC)

Mechanical Maintenance/Industrial Mechanical Maintenance  II* (JTCC)


*Dual Enrollment Course Credit awarded for course