Mrs. Mary Peters  is the Director of Exceptional Education and oversees the many aspects of the department. Under her purview she supports various staff from social workers, psychologists, and therapists who assist Dinwiddie County Public Schools’ special education population. The Child Study process, evaluation for services, development of Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and their implementation, Homebound Services coordination, Gifted Education, education of homeless and foster children programs all fall under the exceptional education department.

Mrs. Peters also supervises Coordinators of Exceptional Education Alicia Haggins and Alicia Lee. Alicia Haggins is responsible for supporting the exceptional education program at the secondary level and the Early Childhood Special Program. Alicia Lee is responsible for supporting the exceptional education program at the elementary level. Educational Diagnostician, Pam Tortorice, assists with testing and evaluating students for Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) and/or services for Dinwiddie County Public Schools. Dr. Robin Pelt serves as Instructional/Transition Specialist.

Any other questions or concerns about the Dinwiddie County Exceptional Education Program may contact Executive Assistant Tanza Jones at (804) 469-4389 to be directed to the appropriate person.

Primary Contacts

Mary Peters headshot
Mary Peters
Director Pphone (804) 469-4389
Alicia Haggins headshot
Alicia Haggins
Coordinator Pphone (804) 469-4389
Alicia Lee headshot
Alicia Lee
Coordinator Pphone (804) 469-4389
Pam Tortorice headshot
Pam Tortorice
Educational Diagnostician Pphone (804) 469-4389
Dr. Robin Pelt headshot
Dr. Robin Pelt
Instructional/Transition Specialist Pphone 804-469-4389
Tanza Jones headshot
Tanza Jones
Executive Secretary Pphone (804) 469-4389