School Nutrition Services


Carey Athey

Director of School Nutrition Services is Mr. Carey Athey, assisted by Mrs. Wendy Lowery.  School Nutrition in Dinwiddie County Public Schools has a staff of 45 that prepares and serves approximately 630,000 meals annually in seven schools.  School Nutrition Services is unique in the school system because they are self-supporting; they pay for all direct costs, payroll and administrative expenses.  About 35% of School Nutrition’s income comes from the sale of meals and A la Carte items. The remaining amount comes from state and federal reimbursements for meals served.  Our mission is to provide the best food service possible to students, staff and community by serving nutritious, healthy and appealing food while maintaining a healthy, safe environment, good customer service and financial integrity.


Wendy Lowery

School Nutrition Services department serves breakfast and lunch to students each full school day throughout our division. Please check with your child’s school on policies such as when students may purchase breakfast and lunch tickets. In addition to breakfast and lunch, schools will have additional a la carte items for sale during students’ normal lunch time.

If you feel your child may be eligible for free or reduced prices, please click here for more information on free and reduced meal information.

All schools in Dinwiddie County are using Meals Plus (Point of Sale System) an automated meal software program to collect all breakfast and lunch sales.  This computerized cash register system allows all students to have their own private account. This individual PIN is a six-digit number that will remain with the student throughout the students’ academic career in Dinwiddie County.  All students are encouraged to memorize their PIN number for use on the available PIN Pad.  All screens are designed to protect the privacy of students receiving free or reduced meals.

You are encouraged to pay for the students’ meals in advance. Advance payment helps the cafeterias provide the most efficient service to the students and helps minimize the opportunity for lost money.  The monies placed in your child’s account can be used by the child for purchasing meals or A la Carte (Ice Cream, Fruit Drinks, Bottled Water, etc.). You may specify how payments are to be used. Please contact your cafeteria manager directly at the school if you have any questions.

At the present time we use K-12 Payment Center for you to view or transfer money to your students’ account via the Internet.  This is an optional service and an agreement between you and the provider. If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s account, contact the cafeteria manager at the school.  You can access K-12 Payment Center by clicking on the “K-12 Payment Center” button on this page.

Cafeterias will accept checks for payment of meals and additional items.  Make checks payable to the individual school cafeteria. Only personal pre-printed checks, with name and address, will be accepted. Returned checks will be turned over to the Treasurer of Dinwiddie County, for collection.  All fees associated with the collection are the responsibility of the person writing the check.  Only cash will be accepted for payment until the debt is paid.

Students without money, or funds on their account, are allowed to charge “meals” to their account.   Nutrition is a very important factor in a child’s growth and we will not allow a child to go hungry at school.  We offer this service because some students lose their money, forget their money, or forget their meals.  Notices are sent home weekly for all students that owe (charged) $5.00 or more.  If you receive a notice, please settle the matter as quickly as possible. Contact your cafeteria manager if you have any questions or concerns.

Students cannot charge their account for A la Carte items, they can only charge for “meals”. A la Carte items are foods that are offered in addition to the “meal” served. These items must be paid for at the time of purchase.  Students may use monies that they have in their account to purchase these items.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your cafeteria manager or Mr. Carey Athey, Director of School Nutrition Services,   at 804-469-3581.

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