Dinwiddie County Public Schools serve approximately 4,400 students each year from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Click on the links below to visit each school’s website.

Dinwiddie Elementary School small image
Dinwiddie Elementary (K-5)

13811 Boydton Plank Road
Dinwiddie, Virginia 23841
Phone: (804) 469-4580
Fax: (804) 469-4585
Principal: Mr. Davis Roberts
Directions to Dinwiddie Elementary (google maps)

Sutherland Elementary School small image
Sutherland Elementary (K-5)

6000 R. B. Pamplin Drive
Sutherland, Virginia 23885
Phone: (804) 732-4168
Fax: (804) 732-4620
Principal: Mrs. C. Michelle Powell
Assistant Principal:
Mr. Richard Spence
Directions to Sutherland Elementary (google maps)

Midway Elementary small image
Midway Elementary (K-5)

5511 Midway Road
Church Road, Virginia 23833
Phone: (804) 265-4205
Fax: (804) 265-4209
Principal: Ms. Penny Brooks 
Directions to Midway Elementary (google maps)

Southside Elementary School small image
Southside Elementary (K-5)

10305 Boydton Plank road
Dinwiddie, Virginia 23841
Phone: (804) 469-4480
Fax: (804) 469-4484
Principal: Mrs. Sheri Culbreath
Directions to Southside Elementary (google maps)

Sunnyside Elementary School small image
Sunnyside Elementary (K-5)

10203 Melvin B. Alsbrooks Ave.
McKenney, Virginia 23872
Phone: (804) 478-2313
Fax: (804) 478-2315
Principal: Mr. Brenton Byrd
Directions to Sunnyside Elementary (google maps)

Dinwiddie Middle School small image
Dinwiddie Middle School (6-8)

11608 Courthouse Road
Dinwiddie, Virginia 23841
Phone: (804) 469-5430
Fax: (804) 469-3389
Principal: Mr. Charles Moss
Assistant Principals:
Ms. Amanda Clay
Mrs. Kae Partin
Mr. Ronnie Barnes

Directions to Dinwiddie Middle (google maps)

Dinwiddie High School small image
Dinwiddie High School (9-12)

11501 Boisseau Road
Dinwiddie, Virginia 23841
Phone: (804) 469-4280
Fax: (804) 469-2093
Principal: Mr. Randall Johnson
Assistant Principals:
Mrs. Melissa Von Poks
Mr. Marseille Maxey
Mrs. Sharon Gibbs
Directions to Dinwiddie High (google maps)

Historic Southside High School Education Center (HSH) Historic Southside High small image
12318 Boydton Plank Road
Dinwiddie, Virginia 23841
For information contact 804-469-4190
Directions to HSH (google maps)

Old Southside High small image

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