2012 Task Force Representatives

The Historic Southside High School Education Center Task Force is made up of a combination of representatives from various areas of Dinwiddie County Public Schools and the community.  The task force is led by Mrs. Sharon Bonner Yates.

School Board Members

  • Sherilyn Merritt
  • Barbara Pittman

Former Southside High Teachers

  • Legert Hamilton
  • Thomas Hooker
  • Gloria Jones
  • Moses Martin
  • William Morgan
  • TheElla Taylor
  • Hattie Walker

Former Southside High School Students

  • Mary Mabry Benjamin
  • George Ellis
  • Ruby Evans
  • Robert Pegram
  • Dorothy Ragsdale
  • Elaine Roney
  • Joyce Simmons
  • Yvonne Stewart
  • Elizabeth Mabry Tucker
  • Earl Weaver
  • Sharon Yates (Task Force Chair)

Other Community Representation

  • Bettie Bowen
  • Susan Henshaw
  • Tom Paige

Former DCPS Teachers

  • Bernice Bracey
  • Kathy Young

Economic Development

  • Tammie Collins

Other School Personnel

  • Timothy Ampy
  • W. David Clark
  • Jimmy Davis
  • Sharon Yates

Board of Supervisors

  • Brenda Ebron-Bonner