Join Our Community Advisory Committee

The Dinwiddie County School Board is committed to creating, building, and sustaining a racially, ethnically, culturally, and economically sensitive environment that ensures high levels of success are possible for all students. The School Board recognizes that equity does not mean equality but rather the establishment of high expectations for all students by providing the opportunities, support, settings, and resources to receive the best education possible.

To that end, Dinwiddie County Public Schools seeks stakeholders to serve on a Community Advisory Committee to work with the Superintendent to enhance the division’s comprehensive plan and provide advisement on student achievement matters within the school division. The Community Advisory Committee will assist in developing strategies to expand educational opportunities for all students attending Dinwiddie County Public Schools. Additionally, the Committee will recommend allocating the division’s resources among individual schools and programs. The Committee’s efforts will focus on equity, diversity, and opportunity to assist the school division in achieving its goal of becoming a model rural school system. If you are interested in serving on the Community Advisory Committee, please contact NaTonya Robinson-Williams (804) 469-4190 or email: