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Region 4B Scholastic Bowl Champions Excellence
Nov 2019 Cadets Raising Flag Equity
DCPS student
Nov 2019 Proud Student Holding Dad's Picture Integrity
Superintendent Kari Weston
Dr. Kari Weston Superintendent

Welcome to our division!

Team Dinwiddie,

As a person of faith, I see people through a lens of grace, and I have spent my entire life as a champion of justice, especially when it comes to matters which impact young people and their futures. The death of George Floyd and escalating tensions that have unfolded around us remind me there is still so much work to be done.

When I became an educator, I vowed to always watch over the people in my care and to speak out and take action when it was necessary to do so.

This moment is one of those times.

I stand ready to do whatever necessary to promote justice and end inequality in our schools, and workplaces.

I stand as an ally, a champion, a warrior, a supporter, an advocate, and a force for good in this time of overwhelming pain.

I stand devoted to doing whatever it takes to ensure our students have the future of their choice.

I stand for classrooms, offices, and teams where everyone feels valued and heard.

I stand committed to finding solutions to issues that may impede our progress.

I stand willing to listen and to learn.

I stand for leadership from a place of goodwill and empathy.

I stand for commUNITY because I believe it will take the best in each one of us to make the best possible place for all of us.

And, most importantly, I’ll Stand by You, and I invite every person reading this to join me in doing the same for one another.

I see you.  I hear you.  I care for you.  I’ve got you.

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Life at DCPS

The mission of Dinwiddie County Public Schools is to provide each student the opportunity to become a productive citizen, engaging the entire community in the educational needs of our children. Giving our students opportunities and core values of Excellence, Equity, and Integrity will help them become productive citizens while they aspire to reach their goals and dreams for the future.

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