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Influenza Prevention

""In response to widespread influenza activity throughout the state and nation, Dinwiddie County Public Schools is providing guidelines and implementing additional precautions for outbreak prevention. The District is following recommendations provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which include a three-step approach to fighting the flu.

According to the CDC, the first and most important step is to get a flu vaccination each year. Secondly, if you get the flu, the next step is to seek early treatment from medical professionals. Finally, the CDC recommends using the following everyday preventive actions to slow the spread of the flu:

  1. Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.
  2. Stay away from people who are sick.
  3. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then, throw the tissue in the trash after it has been used.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth to prevent the spread of germs.
  5. Clean and disinfect hard surfaces or objects that might be contaminated with germs by wiping them down with a household disinfectant, according to directions on the product label.

Dinwiddie County Public Schools is working in collaboration with teachers, administrators, nurses, and custodial services to take extra precautions, which include wiping down surfaces daily with antibacterial solution, increasing access to hand sanitizer, sending all children who present symptoms to the clinic, and immediately notifying parents of any reported illnesses.

Jan. 31: ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’

It has been more than 150 years since the last Super Blue Blood Moon has shown in the sky.  According to NASA, this lunar occurrence is special for three reasons.

The January 31 full moon is special for three reasons: it’s the third in a series of “supermoons,” when the Moon is closer to Earth in its orbit — known as perigee — and about 14 percent brighter than usual. It’s also the second full moon of the month, commonly known as a “blue moon.” The super blue moon will pass through Earth’s shadow to give viewers in the right location a total lunar eclipse. While the Moon is in the Earth’s shadow it will take on a reddish tint, known as a “blood moon.”

Those in Virginia will find it harder to view this phenomenon since the eclipse begins at 5:51 am EST.   This is the time that the Moon is about to set on the West Coast as the sky is getting lighter here.  However, visit starting at 5:30 am on January 31 and a live feed of the Moon will be offered on NASA TV and You can also follow at @NASAMoon.

You are never too old to find science fun!

Jan. 2018: DCPS Revises 2017-2018 School Calendar

Dinwiddie, VA (Jan. 23, 2018)

In an effort to capture instructional time lost to inclement weather, the Dinwiddie School Board has approved the following adjustments for the 2017-2018 school calendar.

  • Monday, January 29 – originally scheduled as a teacher workday will now become a full day for students
  • Monday, February 19 – originally scheduled as President’s Day holiday will now become a full day for students

We will continue to evaluate the necessity to make adjustments should additional inclement weather or emergency days occur this school year. In the event that additional time is needed, the following dates would be considered:

  • Friday, March 30 – scheduled student holiday would become a full day for students
  • Friday, May 25 – scheduled early release day would become a full day for students

The 2017-2018 school calendar has been updated to reflect the changes in makeup days and is available on our calendar page or by clicking here. Please contact Christie Clarke at or 804-469-4190 with any questions.

Editorial contact:

Dinwiddie County School Board
Christie Clarke
(804) 469-4190

Jan. 13: CodeRVA Online Application for 8th Graders

Attention current 8th graders:

CodeRVA Regional High School is proud to announce the opening of the online application system for the 2018-2019 school year. The application system for CodeRVA will remain open until February 23, 2018. Current 8th graders may apply.

For information about the application process and student eligibility, please visit

Jan. 2018: DCPS Will Not Schedule Make-Up Days

Dinwiddie, VA (Jan. 12, 2018)

Dinwiddie County Public Schools (DCPS) has announced that it will not schedule any make-up days for those missed on January 4, 5, 8, and 9. When planning program needs for students, the calendar committee considers many variables to include inclement weather; therefore, additional time is built into the daily schedule to allow for unexpected school closures.  Currently, DCPS exceeds the required minimum of 990 instructional hours per year at all levels.

At this time, there will be no changes to the adopted 2017-18 calendar; however, division leaders will continue to evaluate the necessity to make adjustments should additional inclement weather or emergency days occur this school year.

Editorial contact:

Dinwiddie County School Board
Christie Clarke
(804) 469-4190

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