Mrs. Paige W. Hannon is Dinwiddie County’s Director of Elementary Education and Title I. She is responsible for elementary educational programming which includes: coordination of curriculum and local assessments, elementary guidance, elementary enrichment and remedial summer school, character education, family life education, field trips, textbooks, PALS, Title I, Art, Music, Physical Education, and remediation programs. Mrs. Hannon oversees Title I grant compliance and funding as well as all state and local budgets specific to elementary education. She works closely with Principals, Interventionists, Specialists, and the Literacy Coordinator to collectively provide effective instruction and resources for all teachers and students in Dinwiddie County.

Ms. Penny L. Brooks serves in the capacity as Literacy Coordinator. She provides parent, teacher, and community supports in the areas of: Preschool through Grade 5 literacy development, tiered supports, and early reading interventions. Ms. Brooks serves as the Title I Parent Liaison, coordinates the division’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) programming, and oversees the English Learners (EL) program and Title III. Ms. Brooks works closely with Principals and community stakeholders to facilitate needs assessments and schoolwide planning leadership.

Ms. Patricia A. Harrell serves as the Executive Secretary for Elementary Education and Title I. She provides administrative assistance with managing programs, budgets, and federal compliance under the Elementary Education and Title I umbrella.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. Hannon, Ms. Brooks, or Ms. Harrell.

Primary Contacts

Paige W. Hannon headshot
Paige W. Hannon
Director Pphone (804) 469-4190
Ms. Penny L. Brooks headshot
Ms. Penny L. Brooks
Literacy Coordinator Pphone (804) 469-4190
Patricia A. Harrell headshot
Patricia A. Harrell
Executive Secretary Pphone (804) 469-4190