Grading Scale and Promotion/Retention for Grades 6-8

The Dinwiddie County School Board approved the following “10-Point Grading Scale”, academic indicators and retention policies for the division and academic indicators for grades 6-8 (middle school) effective the 2014-2015 school year.

If you have questions, please contact this office at 469-4190 or the guidance office at your child’s school.

Guidelines of 6-8 Promotion, Retention or Administrative Placement

Letter and Numerical Value Standard Advanced Advanced Placement / Dual Enrollment
A+ 98-100 4.25 5.00 5.50
A 93-97 4.00 4.75 5.25
A- 90-92 3.75 4.50 5.00
 Very Good
 B+  87-89  3.25  4.00 4.50
 B  83-86  3.00 3.75  4.25
 B-  80-82  2.75  3.50  4.00
 C+  77-79  2.25 3.00 3.50
 C  73-76  2.00  2.75  3.25
 C-  70-72  1.75  2.50  3.00
 Needs Improvement
 D+  67-69  1.25  2.00  2.50
 D  63-66  1.00  1.75  2.25
 D-  60-62  0.75  1.50  2.00
 F  59-Below  0 0  0

Principal’s Scholar:  Students obtaining an overall weighted nine-weeks grade point average of 3.875 and higher. Students cannot have a letter grade lower than a B (students receiving a B- or below will be excluded).

Honor Roll:  Students obtaining an overall weighted nine-weeks grade point average between a 2.875 and higher. Students cannot have a letter grade lower than a C (students receiving a C- or below will be excluded).

  1. Classroom performance on grade level standards and objectives shall be the primary consideration in the promotion decision. Parents shall receive notification by the end of the first semester if their child is in danger of retention in their present grade.

For promotion in grades 6-8, a middle school student must pass both language arts and mathematics, and either science or social studies.  To be considered for promotion a student not meeting such requirements must successfully complete a pre-approved summer academic program. This program, which requires permission by the Building Principal, will determine promotion, retention or placement as a result of the outcomes of the summer academic program.

  1.  A matrix, which includes standardized test scores, benchmark tests, end-of-the-year cumulative tests, attendance, previous promotion/retention history, report card performance and remediation attendance/participation shall be considered in making promotion/retention decisions.
  2. Parents shall be notified as soon as promotion is in jeopardy. A meeting shall be held wherein a student’s work samples and the intervention strategies being employed can be shared.
  3. Administrative placement is the transfer of a student who is making marginal academic progress and who is placed at the next grade level because of extenuating circumstances, including but not limited to instructional, social, emotional, age-related, previous retentions or other pertinent factors. No student may be administratively placed at the high school without the prior approval of Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee.
  4. The Individualized Educational Program (IEP) Team shall determine the promotion, retention, or administrative placement of students with an IEP.
  5. During the final marking period, a conference with the parent/guardian shall be scheduled to discuss the final decision regarding retention of the student. All decisions shall be made following policy and guidelines, and shall be in the best interest of the child. If a parent/guardian does not attend, a letter with the meeting results shall be forwarded to them and a School Administrator and/or Counselor will contact paretn/guardian to find out if they plan to appeal (within 48 hours of meeting).  A parent may file an appeal of the retention decision by signing the Promotion/Retention Worksheet within five (5) calendar days following notification by School Administration.

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