Ms Massengill’s students report on schedules

Schedules, Schedules
By Brianna Oakley

You’ve been asking about your schedules, so here you go! We went straight to Mrs. Lewis and got some answers. So without further ado, here is some inside information from Mrs.Lewis for you!

This year the guidance department made a change and decided that all counselors will stay with their grade level. So that means that you will have a different counselor each year you are here. Mr. Thompson is eighth grade, Mrs. Lewis Is seventh grade, and Mrs. Scheich is sixth grade. You can go to your counselors about anything. You can go to them for bullying, a
schedule change and so much more. Make sure that you go if you have any problems and need some help!

Speaking of schedules… how long does it take to make a fully functioning schedule? Making a schedule takes a long time! It can take weeks to make and is very hard for the counselors. The counselors come back to school weeks before teachers and students do. They use this extra time at school to think about every single student and make sure that they get a functioning schedule. How do they do it?

To make a fully functioning schedule Mrs.Lewis starts by checking your previous SOL scores. She uses those and teacher recommendations to match you with a good teacher. She may not always give you a teacher that you like, but don’t be mad at her. She has a lot more on her plate than you do.

So next time you see your counselor make sure to tell them thank you, because if it wasn’t for them we would not have the fully functioning schedules that we have today. You may not like school or the work that comes with it, but at least you’ve been paired with a teacher that matches SOL standards and helps you to grow into the people of tomorrow!

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