June 2018: Senior and Graduation Information

Important Dates for Seniors

Tuesday, May 29 – Chromebook Return

Seniors, remember to bring your Chromebook, Chromebook charger, and any fees due on Tuesday, May 29.

Friday, June 8 – Senior Trip to Water Country USA

Tickets will be on sale May 21-25 in the cafeteria for $29.  Students need to have the senior trip permission form and money for the ticket (cash only).  If a student has a season pass, they still need to return the permission form.  All students must ride the bus to the park.  The bus is leaving Dinwiddie High School at 8:00 am and will be returning at 6:30 pm.  Students need to be at school by 7:45 am.

Sunday, June 10 – Baccalaureate

Baccalaureate is Sunday, June 10 at 3 pm at Smyrna Baptist Church (18971 Carson Road, Dinwiddie, VA).  Students wear their cap and gown.  This is a worship service and is optional.

Monday, June 11 – Senior Picnic

The Senior Picnic is Monday, June 11 at Pocahontas State Park.  Students can ride the bus to the park or drive.  The cost is $5 per car and $4 to swim.  There are also boat rentals, a volleyball sand pit (bring your own volleyball) , and horseshoes (bring your own).  Students need to return the permission form for the picnic by Friday, June 1.  Students riding the bus will leave school at 9:00 am (be at school at 8:45 am) and return at 2:00 pm.  Students driving should plan to arrive at Pocahontas State Park by 10:00 am.

Friday, June 15 – Graduation

Graduation will be held at Virginia State University Multipurpose Center (20809 2nd Ave, Petersburg, VA 23803).  Seniors need to arrive by 8:30 am.  The ceremony begins at 10:00 am.


  1. Tickets will begin to be issued on Tuesday, May 29th during 4th Students will come to Mrs. Sims (Room 118) once you have your “Golden Ticket” to sign for their envelope that will contain tickets and other important information.  Students may come during 2nd or 4th any day after the 30th to pick up tickets.
  2. Golden Tickets will be given beginning Tuesday, May 29th when students turn in their Chromebook (Only if done with testing) and the student is verified to not owe money.
  3. If you owe money to any organization within the school, you will not receive your tickets until the money is paid. If you owe money, there will be a list of fees due and a table set up for you to pay.
  4. All seating is first-come. Ticket numbers do not correspond with a seat. The facility has box-seating; however, we do not have access to that seating.  Anyone found in those areas will be asked to leave.


  1. Wear or bring caps and gowns to the Commencement Exercises.
    • You must report to the Virginia State University Multipurpose Center (20809 2nd Ave, Petersburg, VA 23803) by 8:30am.
    • All candidates for graduation are to wear their tassels on the right side. You will move this to the left side after the Superintendent accepts the graduating class and directs you to move it.
    • Caps must not be at an angle. Wear them level and straight.
    • Girls should wear dress shoes. (No flip flops, tennis shoes, or beachwear). Skirts/dresses should not show in length below the graduation gown.  (No denim skirts.)
    • Young men should wear dress pants, dress shoes, ties, and button-down dress shirts with their gowns. (NO jeans, tennis shoes, polo shirts, work boots, or beachwear).
    • Girls are advised to leave pocketbooks with their parents or at home; the school cannot be responsible for them and will not provide a location at which to leave them. Car keys may be safety-pinned to clothing under your robe.
    • The school-selected cap and gown must be worn. Do not add or take away from them by redecorating or redesigning the cap or gown.
    • Only School approved chords, overlays and medallions will be permitted.
  2. Absolutely NO chewing gum will be permitted. You may not have your cell phone with you.  No confetti or silly string is allowed.  Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.  No balloons or noise makers are allowed inside the gym.
  3. Handicapped parking is limited and will be available as first come first served in the parking lot. Handicapped auto plates or authorized forms will be needed to park in these spaces.  If no official plates are available, a handicapped person may be dropped off in the area while the driver takes the car to another parking space.   Please let your guests know about this, if they are in need.


1.  Does VSU Multi-Purpose provide wheel chairs?

The VSU Multi-Purpose Center does not provide wheel chairs.

2.  Do you have accommodations for special needs patrons?

The VSU Multi-Purpose Center does have accessible seating for special needs patrons.  Each special need patron will be allowed one companion/aid to sit with them.

3.  Do you allow flowers, balloons, gifts, etc?

These items are not allowed into the VSU Multi-Purpose Center for graduations; however, there will be people there selling these items for purchase after the event.

4.  Where do graduates exit?

Graduates will exit from the Marshalling Entrance on the Northwest Side of the Building.   Patrons and Graduates will not be able to meet inside the facility.  

5.  Are there prohibited items?

The following items are prohibited in the VSU Multi-Purpose Center:

    • Guns, Knives, or any Concealed Weapon
    • Outside Food & Beverages
    • Handheld Lasers, Lights, and Pointers
    • Backpacks
    • Illegal Substances
    • Balloons
    • Items Affecting Safety or Security of Patrons or Participants
    • Cigarettes, Cigars, or Smoke products
    • Excessive Celebratory Items (e.g. air horns, confetti, etc.)

6.  Can I applaud while my student’s name is called?

Patrons are asked not to applaud, yell, or cause a disruption that would distract the next student’s family from hearing their name called. 

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