2016 – 2018 Educational Technology Plan Addendum

Technology Plan Committee Members

Technology Support

Shawanna Hill
Technology Support Specialist – Mobile

Toni Wynn
Assistant Director of Technology

Timothy Ampy
Director of Technology

Instructional Technology

Christine Bastaich
Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

Christie Clarke
Director of Instructional Technology

Parent Representative

Kathy McCoun

School Administration

Amber Brown
Assistant Principal – Dinwiddie High School

Alfred Cappellanti
Principal – Dinwiddie Middle School

Davis Roberts
Principal – Dinwiddie Elementary School

Central Office

Dr. Kari Weston
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

Sharon Yates
Director of Secondary Education and Career & Technical Education

Classroom Representatives

Danielle Hawkins
Media Specialist – Sunnyside Elementary School

Randy Bullock
Teacher – Dinwiddie High School


The development goal of the Dinwiddie County Public Schools (DCPS) Technology Planning Committee is to create a technology plan that will align with both our local strategic action plan as well as the Educational Technology Plan for Virginia while also complying with the requirements of the “No Child Left Behind” Act.  Additionally, this plan will assist in identifying the resources and strategies that enable the most effective uses of technology in our schools. Our Committee of stakeholders expended a considerable amount of time reviewing the State Educational Technology Plan in conjunction with our local Technology Plan and Progress Report as well as existing DCPS policies and guidelines in preparation for the new Technology Plan. Dinwiddie County Public Schools’ information technology has become an essential tool of education, research, planning and daily life. Information technology has become a keystone for students’ education and professional careers, but it also has opened up an exciting range of creative, scholarly, and entrepreneurial opportunities for students and faculty alike.  Our division has provided significant resources toward fostering effective uses of information technology in the advancement of education. Dinwiddie County Public Schools was awarded the Division Leadership Award by the Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium which is composed of thirty school divisions. The criteria for this award was based upon the capability of a school division to completely embrace information technology, with purpose and imagination, to maintain its place among the area’s leading divisions and to provide the finest education for its students. Dinwiddie received this award in 2008.The goal for the 21st century should be nothing less than to position the division as a leader in using information technology.  To achieve this goal, information technology must become a pervasive and transparent part of the lives of students, faculty and staff.  Information technology is pervasive when it is available as a matter of course to everyone; it is transparent when information and applications are available without delays or limitations imposed by hardware, software, or technical support. Users must experience technology as seamlessly integrated into their activities.  Investments in providing pervasive computer access will earn far greater dividends when hardware is more mobile, when user interfaces operate more intuitively, when search engines return more meaningful results, and when information can be used easily for multiple purposes. This plan presents specific goals and recommendations to achieve and maintain excellence in information technology in support of the missions of the division and the guidelines of the “Elementary and Secondary Education Act”.  These goals are as follows…

  • Teachers will integrate technology concepts and practices in the classroom
  • IT staff will stay current with emerging technologies and professional development
  • All teachers will integrate Internet Safety lessons throughout the curricula
  • Parental communication will increase through various technology mediums
  • A replacement schedule for all technology equipment will be implemented on a four year cycle
  • All classrooms will be connected to the WAN via high speed networks to improve Internet access
  • A funding schedule for replacement equipment will be devised and supported by the budget process
  • Software that supports classroom learning and VA SOL standards will be purchased and implemented
  • Additional means of funding will be sought after with grant writing to supplement not supplant the annual local technology funding
  • Progress of the plan will be evaluated annually
  • Reduce paper usage and promote green technology
  • Administrative staff provided with anytime, anywhere access to division critical data
  • Seek cost savings technologies where applicable

To view the complete technology plan, click on DCPS Technology Plan Addendum 2016-2018 (this is the revised version December 2016 PDF format).

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