Staff Development and Instructional Technology

ClarkeFeb2016Christie Clarke is the Director of Staff Development and Instructional Technology for Dinwiddie County Public Schools.  Mrs. Clarke oversees a team of five Instructional Technology Resource Teachers (ITRT): Christine Bastaich, Christine (Pam) Ferrell, Latia Pollard, Betty Spiers, Robert (Bob) Weaver and Jarrett Munford.

An ITRT is—first and foremost—a teacher, required to be licensed in Virginia as content area teachers with at least three years of experience. The first word—instructional—is the second most important part of the title; this separates them from information technology and technical support positions.  The technology resource portion of the title indicates the job’s focus: ITRTs are intended to be teachers of teachers, providers of technology professional development, and supporters of instruction.  They are not supposed to be classroom teachers, nor are they responsible for teaching students.

Today’s teachers must be armed with sound instructional strategies and the technologies to identify student learning needs.  As a result, our ITRTs provide classroom teachers with the latest research on how technology can address a diverse array of learning needs and styles.  They also help classroom teachers implement emerging technologies that offer differentiated instruction.

In addition to helping with instructional resources, staff development is coordinated through this department to implement, train, or make teachers aware of professional development opportunities.

The Staff Development and Instructional Technology Department works closely with Technology Department.  This department is led by Timothy Ampy, Director, and a team of technology members which consists of Toni Wynn, Gerald Williams, Patrick Judy, Ken Trostad, Patty Massengill, Shawanna Hill, Brian Hicks, and Derese Wynn. This synergy enables Dinwiddie County Public Schools to function more efficiently and assists individual schools as they use technology to improve the teaching and learning process for their students.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Christie Clarke, Director of Staff Development and Instructional Technology, at 804-469-4190.

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